Our Schools

Gasha Technical Institute

Gasha Technical Institute (GTI) offers hands-on programs in Pharmacy, Nursing, Dental Technology, English, and Accounting. With state-of-the-art facilities, GTI ensures graduates are job-ready for successful careers in diverse industries.

Gasha Institute - Erbil

Gasha Non-Governmental Institute (GIE) provides associate degree programs in Petroleum, Computer Science, and Business Administration & Accounting. GIE prepares students for impactful roles in these dynamic industries.

Gasha High School - Sulaymaniyah

Gasha High School - Sulaymaniyah (GHSS) offers Grade 10 to Grade 12 education with dual Kurdish and English systems. GHSS guides students toward academic success and acceptance into prestigious universities.

Gasha International School Erbil

Gasha International School (GISE) follows the Pearson System, providing a British-inspired curriculum. GISE focuses on academic excellence, character development, and a global perspective, preparing students for a dynamic future.
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